Hello Worlds !

I am a PhD student at CMVS, University of Oulu, Finland, where I am co-advised by Prof. Janne Heikkilä and Prof. Esa Rahtu. My work is funded by the Infotech Oulu.

I’m interested in the topic of 3D reconstruction, novel view synthesis and neural rendering. My research combines 3D computer vision and deep learning.

Feel me to reach me through phongnhhn92@gmail.com if you want to discuss more about above research topics or job opportunities.


30/03/2021: I am gonna join Facebook Reality Lab (FRL) as a summer research intern with “Nikolaos Sarafianos”.

29/11/2020: A paper titled “RGBD-Net: Predicting color and depth images for novel views synthesis” is available on Arxiv.

18/09/2020: A paper titled “Sequential View Synthesis with Transformer” is accepted at ACCV 2020.

03/07/2020: A paper titled “Guiding Monocular Depth Estimation Using Depth-Attention Volume” is accepted at ECCV 2020.